Is candy bad for your teeth? Not all candy is created equal! Some candy is better than others for your dental health. Let’s talk about which candy is bad for your teeth so you can choose better options to help keep your teeth healthy.

What’s Bad about Candy?

Many types of candy can be tough on your teeth because of the high amounts of sugar they contain. Sugar on its own doesn’t hurt your teeth, but when it interacts with the naturally occurring bacteria in your mouth, it produces an acid that can cause problems.

Normally, your mouth maintains a healthy pH balance and your saliva helps to keep your teeth clean, but when sugar is introduced frequently or excessively, it can throw off the delicate natural balance and create an erosive, acidic environment that is tough on the surface of your teeth.

As this happens repeatedly over time, small holes can form in the outer layer of your teeth, which are what we call cavities. Cavities can cause discomfort and lead to more serious issues, like tooth decay.

Better Candy Options

Thankfully, many candy options aren’t as tough on your teeth as sugar! Sugar-free candies are an excellent choice. Especially if they contain xylitol as the sweetener. Xylitol is unique because, while it tastes sweet, its similarities to sugar end there. Over time, consuming xylitol can help to fight bacteria in your mouth and reduce the risk of cavities forming. What a sweet deal!

If you do choose to enjoy candy that contains sugar, there are still some superior options. Let’s begin by addressing which candy is bad for your teeth so you can avoid it: Sticky or hard candies can be extra tough on your teeth because the sugary residue tends to linger, exposing your teeth to the negative effects of sugar for a longer amount of time.

On the other hand, candies that melt in your mouth like chocolate can be an excellent choice because you can easily wash them away from your teeth.

Candy Alternatives

Halloween can be even more fun when you throw in more creative treats than just candy — then you don’t have to worry about which candy is bad for your teeth!

Small bags of healthy popcorn can make for a fun snack! Glow-in-the-dark stickers and toys are fun, too. Spooky masks can lead to endless hours of pranks, skits, and games. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your trick-or-treat or party favor ideas — your unique ideas might just be the hit of the night!

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